Company introduction

 Datong County Haifa natural pigment development limited liability company of Datong County Haifa Natural Pigment Co. Ltd was established in May 2006, registered capital of 880 thousand. In 2006 completed an investment of 5 million 100 thousand yuan, after the completion of the production line of 10000 tons of marigold particles a, the existing building area of 1000 square meters. And equipped with the former fermentation pool, boilers, transformers, warehouses and office facilities and other related facilities. Now producing marigold particles, about 10000 tons of products. My company's main business to marigold cultivation, processing, management based, products sold in Hebei, Qingdao, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places. The company's management system is sound, such as financial management system, post responsibility system, production management system, product marketing management system and so on. The company has 70 employees, of whom 27 are workers, 22 are managers, 9 are scientific and technical personnel, and 12 are sales staff. The company registered capital of 880 thousand yuan, by the end of 2013 the total assets amounted to 12 million 800 thousand yuan, 6 million 558 thousand yuan in fixed assets, current assets 2 million 942 thousand yuan; total liabilities 2 million 256 thousand yuan; equity 6 million 243 thousand yuan; 880 thousand yuan paid in capital; operating income of 8 million 600 thousand yuan; a net profit of 245 thousand yuan; asset liability ratio of 26.5%. Product introduction: with the progress of society, constantly improve people's living standards, chemical pigment is increasingly restricted, many industries have banned the use of, such as food, medicine and other industries in western countries, more stringent requirements. Natural pigments are becoming more and more popular. The natural yellow pigment, lutein, has no toxic side effects, has become the main raw materials of food, medicine, cosmetic coloring, tobacco, printing and dyeing industry, more and more domestic and international market demand, in short supply situation, within five years will not change, marigold industry will not occur within ten years of excess slow-moving problem. At present, China has built more than 10 refineries in marigold, lack of raw materials, can full production status, marigold dry particles is very popular, market prospects, and we have built the United States company, Taiwan company and Hebei Quzhou, Shandong Chunlian, big companies in Henan signed an agreement for exclusive products.

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